DankoSystems Ltd was established in 1991. Since then it has opened many stores in Plovdiv and has participated in different exhibitions and bazaars around the country.

In 2002 the Company equipped its own production facilities for furniture metal frames and hardware, in particular bed frames with mechanisms for upholstered furniture, beds and sofas, fastening corners and plates and other metal products and structures. The first occasion of export was realized in September, 2009. This was the company’s first contact outside Bulgaria. Establishing contacts with the UK and Romania followed. In 2011 the firm established connection with SHATTI Bulgaria, a Swiss company that has an agency in Bulgaria and managed to realize several projects in the metalworking industry.

The company strives to maintain high levels of professional working atmosphere. Being loyal to its partners and to satisfy the needs of its clients are one of the company`s priorities.

The goal of our professional team is to create a product that would meet all the client’s requirements and specifications.

Loyalty is the basis of our mutually beneficial relationship with established furniture manufacturers in Bulgaria, Italy and Hungary. The company is always open for new professional relationships, so do not hesitate to contact us with all sorts of enquiries.