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The best price is achieved with the right choice of material, method of cutting, bending, welding, painting and packaging.


In addition to the thickness of the material, the type of material is important in pricing. Metal sheets and pipes can be hot rolled and cold rolled. GV iron has surface oxidation and low ductility. SV iron has a clean surface and high ductility.


We use three different methods of cutting:

  1. Press – used for large repetitive series (5000 pcs per month).
  2. CNC Punching – for medium series (1000-5000 per month).
  3. Laser cutting – used in small series or large material thickness, up to 16 mm.


Depending on the required quality of the part, we can offer three price classes of powder coating with phosphatic:

  1. Recycled paint – color melange.
  2. Standard RAL color (white, black, gray).
  3. RAL optional by customer’s choice.


The coating is suitable for small details.


We use three different ways to bend:

  1. By means of a pneumatic press – at single bends at right angles.
  2. By means of a hydraulic press – for single bends with different angle.
  3. By CNC hydraulic press brake – for different number of complex and consecutive bends with different bending angle.


Depending on the required quality of the final product, we can offer:

  1. MIG-MAG – electric arc welding in a protective CO2 environment.
  2. Robotic MIG-MAG welding – for large series.
  3. Laser welding – high quality and reliability at thicknesses up to 4 mm of coloured and black materials.


Depending on the part and its application, we can offer the following packaging.

  1. Euro pallet.
  2. Packing in a carton.
  3. Single packed parts.

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